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Animal Improv


This book is the perfect solution to encourage your thriving young composers each week!  Every child has a natural ability to create within them. We, as teachers, nurture this ability when we help them learn to composer and improvise. Yet lesson time is already so short, we need simple ideas to fit in improvisation.


Ever wished for a set of improvising activities that were ready to go?  This is what you’ve been waiting for! With teacher accompaniments to set the mood and pictures to get the imagination flowing, this book is a resource you will use at every lesson.

Each week, students open up to a picture and a short intro paragraph about a specific animal. Then the student is shown a hand position to use – at Level 1, we start with black keys and move into a few 5 finger positions. A variety of sounds are introduced to students including major, minor, and even modal positions with varying meters as well.

After placing their hands, students and teachers should jump in! Beginning with the teacher accompaniment, let students hear the meter and the sound for this piece. Then encourage them to jump in! Challenges and ideas to mix up improv activities are given on many pages so students & teachers are in for plenty of adventures!

Purchase of this book is a Studio Teacher License. This is for you to make copies for all of your students. Please do not share your pdf copy with other teachers but encourage them to check it out too!

**Each order includes a full set of mp3 recordings of the teacher accompaniments. Since this purchase is a teacher license, please share these recordings with your students so they may improv along to these tracks at home! If you would like MIDI files to use on your keyboard, please email us.


For a sample of these improv activities, sign up for our newsletter on our blog here. We will send you 2 activities that are not included in the book so you can see just what you are buying!


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