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Ear Training Explorations Book 1


Introducing – Ear Training Explorations Book 1! This fun, woodland-theme ebook will help guide any teacher to include ear training in regular lessons. ┬áDesigned for beginning students ages 5-8, this resource covers basic ear training concepts in an easy and appealing format.


  • 14 page colorful and appealing ebook for students
  • 5 page teacher guide
  • 60+ listening activities for the student to complete
  • Printable Certificate of Completion

What skills are covered?

  • Identifying high, medium, and low sounds
  • Listening for major or minor (happy or sad)
  • Hearing staccato versus legato (smooth or bouncy)
  • Identifying moving up, down, or staying the same
  • Rhythmic dictation including quarter, half, and whole notes
  • Stepwise melodic dictation
  • Identifying dynamic changes (crescendo, diminuendo, forte, piano)


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