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Tic Tac Toe


Tic Tac Toe games for interval review!

Throw those interval flashcards out. Let’s keep students focused and engaged with this new resource.


Tic Tac Toe games are here to save students (and teachers) from another boring flashcard interval review!!

What concept does this game teach?

Intervals, intervals, intervals. This set reviews 3 types of intervals – repeating notes (unison), steps (2nds) and skips (3rds). We mostly focus on these intervals during the first year to help strengthen students’ reading.  Several pages of tic tac toes cover each type of interval alone with options for finger numbers or note names. There area also mixed review pages using more than one type of interval.  Right or Left Hand is noted with finger numbers on each square so students are practicing moving up and down with each hand from the beginning.

How do I use these pages?

There are so many ways to use these pages! Try it in group classes with paper keyboards or a fun keyboard floor mat. Pull it out at the piano in private lessons. Say the finger number out loud or play the note with the right finger. Have students race to play and say the correct note name.

All pages are black and white, so no need for expensive color ink. Mix it up with colored paper if desired when you print!

My favorite tip – print and laminate each page. Then 3 hole punch them and create a binder so you can pull out sheets in lessons or send them home for a fun challenge with siblings or other family members!


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